Star 45

Star 45

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Your fiberglass hull and deck probably are fresh from the mold. If so, they may have mold release still on the surface. PVA mold release looks like a flaky film and washes off 'with water. Wax and other mold releases will require scrubbing with detergent. If the edges of the parts have not been trimmed, trim them when the time comes for assembly.

Stick with using name brand products in your model building. Look for proven modelers products and industrial adhesives.

Very important re-fit and trial fit all parts before installing them. Don't install anything until you check your building plan and building schedule.(Your building schedule is the list you make of all components to be assembled before you begin to build to make sure you don't put something together in the way of something else. ) For example, you must be able to install the radio gear into the hull so don' t assemble components in such a way that it, will block installation of that radio gear.