Star 45

Star 45

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Star 45 R/C model sail boat | DECK

Phil Geren on Staining Wood Deck Materials:
I was planning to stain planks prior to assembly, then use CA first, to get things fitted together and in place, then cover with 0.25 oz. fiberglass cloth and "thinned" (MEK or IPA) epoxy. Flex Coat epoxy people (fishing rod mfgrs) recommend heating the epoxy surface with a heat gun (hot air) prior to it's hardening, to release bubbles and smooth the surface, like what you see on fine fishing rods.

AMYA Star 45 Class Rules, 2006, DECK

8.1 Deck construction shall be limited to wood, plywood, fiberglass reinforced plastic or plastic
laminations (Formica). It may be covered with any material. Thin plastic films, such as MonoKote,
are not allowed for decks except as coverings.

8.2 Hatches are not restricted in size, location, number or style, as long as deck strength and
integrity are maintained.