Star 45

Star 45

Monday, September 25, 2006

Star 45 Construction : Stand for tuning finished model

John Fisher sent these in. It might spark some thought for other people as well. He does not claim to have come up with this design, You can use any materials that you have handy, He has a mill and a welder, so his ended up in aluminum. these stands have been built from PVC and Copper pipe as well.

The stand has a vertical tube that is the pivot for direction. This way the boat can feather into the wind. If the ground is soft enough where you sail it can be pushed into the ground. Works fine in so-cal but not very well in colorado. Next there is a H shaped part that holds the boat. His are machined and welded aluminum, but he has seen this part done with copper water pipe or PVC pipe. He added the foam for insulating water pipes to prevent the boat from being scratched. The H should be able to rotate. This allows the boat to heel in the stand when force is applied to the sails. Connect the two and you have your stand. On his stand the connector is a pcs of 1/2" diameter SS tubing bent 90 deg. It provides both motions needed.


The boat shown is a hard chine 10R Class called the Diamond.

John Fisher has cutting files available for hard chine model 10R Class as well.
They go fast :-). John's 10R Class carries 1500 sq in of sail, is 65"
long and only 9" wide.