Star 45

Star 45

Monday, February 12, 2007

S45 Construction - what happens when you use too much polyurethane glue

Picture #4 shows what happens when you use too much polyurethane glue. The squeezeout is unsightly. I used Gorilla Glue to attach the sides because it is flexible and it only needs to be spread on one side of the joint. It is much lighter than epoxy.

I used CA glue for the planking. First, kicker was sprayed on the plank. Then the plank was placed on the boat starting at one end. Thin CA was dribbled along the joint, and the plank was pressed against the next one. The pressing seemed to kick off the glue, which gave off smoke as it bonded. I continued this from back to front, one frame at a time, until the whole plank was attached.

Also shown is the hardwood chainplate support. I doubled it for strength. If I was thinking, I would have doubled on top, so it would help support the deck.