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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Star45 : naca0009 rudder on a Skiddo

Star45 : Message: Re: [Star45] Photo's of naca0009 rudder: "Re: [Star45] Photo's of naca0009 rudder

Yes, you could use the rudder on a skid-do. I am pretty sure that the
skid-do uses a 5/32 shaft, so use the parts cut for the 5/32 shaft. they
might need a slight bit of shimming, 1/32 or so due to the way the
thicknesses worked out.

I am not going to sell them, but I will provide the cutting files to
Stevens aero if you would like to order a set or if you have a local
cutter I can provide the files for cutting. There is a PDF version that
you can print out and cut your own in the yahoo groups file section as

The size is based loosly on the current skid-do/CPM rudder, but squared
off to make construction easier.