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Star 45

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tips on setting Spektrum up with an RMG Smart

From: "J Fisher"

Subject: Re: [Star45] Spektrum Radio question - Star 45


I have used the same setup you are using for a while now. I have not had any power issues with the RMG since it seems to have a good voltage regulator. My brother has had issues in the CR914 using 4 cell packs. I use 5 cell packs and have recently started using 2 cell lipo's.

Depending on the age of your RMG you will need to add a pulser to make it work with the spektrum receiver. If you have a RMG 280 C or a recent 280D it isnt an issue, but there are some 280Ds that need the pulser, check the RMG site for the serial #'S effected. I have used the pulser with good results. You do need to make a harness so you can program the winch. Photo attached.

The harness is has a female to attach to the winch and then 2 male ends. One of the male ends has the + and - power and is plugged into an open channel or battery slot on the receiver. The other male end can have a switch in it or just inset and remove the plug as needed to interrupt the signal. This can be make out of an aileron extension available from LHS. If using a pulser, it should be placed on the signal line for programming.


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From: Ted
Date: 5/24/2007 11:32:23 AM
Subject: [Star45] Spektrum Radio question - Star 45

I just purchased a Spektrum DX6 radio for my Star 45. Does
anyone have any Tips on setting it up with an RMG Smart Winch and
using it with the Star 45? I purchased a larger capacity NiMH
battery for the transmitter to improve run time. I understand that
the radio / receiver may experience a power hit that may cause the
radio to reset -- resulting in no control for 5 or 6 seconds. Anyone
experience this problem? I purchased a Spektrum Voltage Protector to
solve the problem. Any comments would be appreciated.

Ted Mahoney