Star 45

Star 45

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Look Look My Boat is sinking, Flotation Balloons for Star45 model sail boat

From Phil Geren, 2006 August 1

It makes perfect sense to put light weight, sealed, plastic balloons/etc. inside a Star 45, with total buoyancy equivalent to at least 12 lbs (or whatever the boat's weight is). Install it so that it cannot interfere with control mechanisms.

Ron Stephans, Victoria Class champion, has been doing it for years.

Earlier this year, in a race, I hooked masts with another boat, wind was strong, and the conditions were such that my boat was held more or less horizontal, while the other boat was semi-vertical.

My boat was on her beam ends and was taking on water slowly through a couple of Pekabe through deck blocks, where the sheets exit on deck. At first we just decided to let the wind blow the boats to shore, BUT WE SOON REALIZED THAT THERE WAS NO TIME!

My boat was sinking, and it probably would have pulled the other boat down to the extent that water could enter her also. Result: both boats would end up on the bottom.

Luckily, one of the participants had a kayak on his vehicle roof, and we ran to get it. When we got to the boats, mine was over half full of water. Spraying the electronics with Corrosion X got her going again, but I will never forget that experience. I have balloons, now, and maybe even more important, am slightly less aggressive when near others.