Star 45

Star 45

Monday, August 14, 2006

Star 45 Construction --Sirius 45 drawings, set 1

Here are a group of Sirius 45 drawings from June of 1981. They are early drawings for the Star 45 class fiberglass hulls I produced in the 80's. Those hulls were sold under the name "Sirius 45". Since then the Class drawings have gone through three major revisions. There are current official drawings are avaible from the AMYA store. These old drawings should still meet the keel and standing rigging specifications. They do not offer hulloffset dimensions. IMHO they can be used with wooden models built using laser shadows which meet the class specifications. The Sirus 45 keel is the Mainwaring Keel found on the current Class drawings.

These copied drawings can be printed out and overlap to enable you to paste them together.

Here is a keel on a Sirius 45 S45 model.