Star 45

Star 45

Monday, August 07, 2006

Star 45 Model Sailboat, HULL, ss files - templates. shadows, bulkheads

To model builders: Here downloadable files for Star 45 shadows (aka templates, bulkheads). They reside on my site: can use your browser, go to select the files you want and they will download to your machine. BTW, only the single stringer files are available from

John has two sets available. Mainzone has the ones for a single chine stringer.
John wrote:
"one for 2 1/8X 1/8 stringers at the chine and one with 1/4" sq stock at the chine. The SS at the end of the file signifies the single chine stringer. Both use the same building board. Note that the building board is cut for 1/8" lite ply which actually runs about .110" thick."

DXF and PDF files provided by:John racer577 at August 06, 2006


Most laser plotters used to cut materials require DFX files

DXF files are CAD vector data - plotter files that instruct a device to "start here" then put the (pen, knife) down and "move to, go to"...